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A Different Way of Treating...

In the first few years as an Occupational Therapist, I noticed a trend among the clients on my caseload. This trend was that my caseload rarely changed, with my client base remaining the same for years at a time. This trend made sense to me for children with chronic conditions or diagnoses, but not for the children I saw on a weekly basis for emotional regulation difficulties, sensory processing difficulties, academic performance issues, and motor challenges. 

When I discovered the Haller Method, I realized that progress really could occur quickly and an unchanging caseload with an ever-growing waitlist was something I could change.  With the implementation of the Haller Method into my practice, I have been able to ensure changes in behavior in as little as 12-weeks. 

The 12-week program addresses the following:

  • 2-Part Evaluation: Parent portion and child portion 
  • Home Program Education / Parent education throughout each session
  • Neural net building to calm the brain stem and establish higher level brain functions needed for regulation throughout daily routines.
  • Fascial Release through unwinding and craniosacral techniques to calm the nervous system 
  • Reflex integration to establish symmetry to provide your child with volitional movement patterns instead of automatic / involuntary movement patterns. 
  • Play: Allowing play through different motor activities or child led activities allows for integration of your child's nervous system, The open-ended play time allows for improvement in emotional regulation, attention, coordination, and executive functioning.

The goal of the 12-week program is to establish your child's ability to self-regulate, because without self-regulation, we CANNOT expect self-control. 

At the end the 12-week program, most clients are able to move to an as needed basis (this may vary depending on your child's level of need for therapeutic intervention). If there are any underlying conditions or diagnoses that have not been identified and may be affecting a child's ability to progress to the expected level in the first 12-weeks, further recommendations for outside referral sources will be provided. 

If you are interested in learning more about the 12-week program or would like your child to be enrolled in an upcoming program, please email or send an inquiry through the "Contact Us" page!

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