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Traditional Pediatric Occupational Therapy is a treatment style that focuses on a child's ability to develop the skills they need to be successful in the areas of self care (dressing, feeding, toileting, sleep, grooming), academics, community involvement, and social interactions. In the clinic setting, these skills are addressed through the use of child led, play-based therapy.​

Traditional Pediatric Occupational Therapy

A child's main occupation is to explore through play. As a child plays, they learn how to move their bodies, problem solve, ask for help, share space, and take turns. They learn how to adapt to change and make adjustments to unexpected situations in order to be successful.


Learning how to play is the single most important skill a child can develop. As a child learns how to play, they are free to explore, and as they explore, they become more confident. Confidence is a key factor in a child's ability to move forward and participate in new situations, both in the home and community. My hope for every child who walks through the door of the clinic, is to facilitate the confidence they need to feel safe to go outside their comfort zone, and become their best selves.

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